American Association of Eye and Ear Centers of Excellence

About us

The Association was first organized in 1983 as the American Association of Eye and Ear Hospitals (AAEEH).  We are governed by a board of directors composed of the top executives and clinicians from our member institutions.

The Association came together initially in response to the transition in site of care from the inpatient to the outpatient setting for a number of ophthalmic procedures.  The founding institutions had three major objectives.  First, they wanted to organize themselves for future government relations efforts as such initiatives were needed.  Second, they wanted to develop group purchasing practices for more cost-effective acquisition of pharmaceuticals and surgical products. And third, since the institutions were not in competition with one another, they wanted to share information and best practices in order to improve their facilities.

Today's AAEECE is composed of both domestic and international institutions.  The Association delivers its membership an array of innovative programs and services to enhance their viability and to bolster quality patient care.

  • semi-annual meetings - representatives from AAEECE's member institutions from around the world meet twice a year to discuss issues affecting eye and ear centers of excellence -- from business and operational issues, to clinic design, to implementing EMR systems.
  • membership working groups - AAEECE working groups include operational executives and supply chain executives. These groups work to share best practices in order for their institutions to run more effectively and serve the greatest number of patients.  The chief executive officers of the member institutions are routinely engaged in issues like strategic planning, health care financing and reimbursement, and best practices.
  • leveraging brands - AAEECE members hold a huge amount of value in the names of their institutions, which has grown due to the decades of work they have done to serve their patients.  The names of our institutions are recognized around the world.   We are on the forefront of analyzing how to maximize the power of our member institutions' brands.